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About Elite Commerce Group

Founded by a former Marine officer and adventure athlete, Elite Commerce Group lives for the fight, and we fight to win.  Our team is comprised of veterans, athletes, entrepreneurs, and Industry experts; and our goal is to take each and every one of our brand partners to the top of the digital Market.   


We trace our heritage and culture to 2007 during the "Wild, Wild West" of digital selling.  Our leadership cut their teeth during the early days of digital hustling, and we have grown to become one of the most versatile, exacting, and precise e-commerce organizations in the game.  From digital advertising, to programming solutions, to navigating endless and constantly-changing algorithms;  we are the tip of the spear in the e-commerce battlespace.  

Selling online?  Congratulations; you're now in Tech.  That's why dynamic brands seek out our technical experience, digital know-how, and competitive spirit to help them position for the digital battlefield of the future.  

We live for the fight, and we're ready to stand in the gap for you and your brand.


To serve as the tip of the spear in digital commerce -  through cutting edge, innovative, and custom-tailored marketplace solutions.


As digital commerce continues to grow in complexity and competitiveness, our  vision is to offer our brand partners the best high-premium digital commerce advocacy in the game, but at an affordable value.  We are tireless in our effort to improve our technical prowess,  strengthen strategic partnerships, and streamline our customized fulfillment facility. 



On the digital battlefield, there is no second place.  As commerce becomes increasingly technical and complex, the playing field has evened.  The opportunity for young, dynamic brands is unprecedented.  The reward for hard work and innovation are exponential and lasting.  Now is the time to fight.  And if we're going to fight, we're going to fight to win.   

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Statement. Our Privacy Policy is simple. We do not share or sell customer data to any party, ever. We may from time to time reach out to our customers with exclusive offers or discounts, but we will never share customer data outside of our organization.

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